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CIMS offers wide range of AOI solutions for multiple segments of PCB industry: MLB, HDI, FPC and IC Substrates.

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CIMS systems are build with the most advanced optical and image processing technology proprietary to CIMS, the machine vision industry leader

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With over 3500 active installations worldwide, CIMS is the market leader in PCB inspection offering services across the global

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PCB Inspection and Metrology

CIMS AOI and AVI systems combined with 2D and 3D metrology tools are capable to scan lines of down to 4 µm and are widely used in all segments of PCB industry.

CIMS Unicorn AVI

Semiconductors Inspection and Metrology

CIMS inspection capabilities are applied to advanced packaging, Wafer-level fan-out and fan-out panel-level-package while using 2D and 3D metrology tools integrated with the inspection tool.

CIMS smart factory solutions

Digital Solutions

CIMS software solutions for smart factories include various data  automation options, data management and analysis software as well as AI-based verification and false calls reduction solutions.

Our markets

CIMS offers solutions for the entire PCB market with primary focus on technology-intensive high-end segments

IC Substrates

IC Substrate serves as a connector between IC chip and the PCB. It is, in effect, a highly miniaturized version of a printed circuit board itself. In other words, IC Substrates bridge the nano-scale world of a semiconductor device (IC) and the micron-scale of a PCB. Besides the mechanical support and protection for the chip, IC Substrates are also required for heat dissipation as well as signal and power distribution.

CIMS offers series of AOI and AVI solutions for manufacturers producing wide variety of IC Substrates. Our Phoenix AOI and Unicorn AVI systems are designed to inspect even the most advanced IC Substrate products with down to 4 micron line and space widths. Phoenix Ultima, Phoenix Nano, Micro and Maxima series can be further enhanced with additional metrology capabilities.

High Density Interconnect (HDI)

HDI PCB are widely used in high end applications such as cellphones, tablets, computers and other devices that are typically characterized by space constraints. Moreover, production process of HDI PCB tends to be more complex compared to mainstream multi-layered boards (MLB). It also involves complex processes such as build-up and laser drill via which often require optical inspection of its own.

CIMS is the leading inspection solutions supplier for HDI PCB manufacturers who produce boards for the top makers of high end electronic and communication devices. Our Phoenix series AOI systems are build with the most advanced optics, hardware and algorithms enabling unparalleled detection of the type of defects that often occur during HDI production.

Flex and Rigid Flex PCB (FPC)

Flex PCB (FPC) is a technology for assembling electronic circuits by mounting electronic devices on flexible plastic substrates. Flexible electronic assemblies may be manufactured using identical processes used for rigid printed circuit boards, allowing the board to conform to a desired shape, or to flex during its use. Rigid flex printed circuit boards use a combination of flexible and rigid board technologies in an application.

Our solutions for flex and rigid flex PCB inspection are based on advanced imaging technology developed for various types of HDI, IC Substrates and MLB. Since FPCs come in wide ranges of trace widths, CIMS offers a family of dedicated AOIs that can accommodate all this variety. In addition, we provide automated material handling solutions for roll-to-roll (R2R) types of FPC.

Multilayer PCB (MLB)

Multi-layer PCB is the most common type of printed circuit boards produced with two or more layers of circuit patterns stacked vertically, each separated by an insulating medium. The connectivity between the layers is typically achieved by drilling through the laminated board and copper plating the drilled holes. MLB PCB are widely used in all types of consumer and industrial electronics. They can range in complexity from fairly simple to highly advanced boards such as those used in automotive and server applications.

CIMS supplies the range of cost effective solutions for this market that ensure fast and reliable inspection of all types of PCB materials and designs. Our systems can be used for inspection of bare copper, photo-resist, finished boards as well as photo-tools such as silver halide artworks and glass masks.


CIMS is aggressively pursuing new market opportunities outside of the traditional PCB

Semiconductor wafer inspection

The chip on the IC Substrate is a packaged Integrated Circuit (IC) that is made with from the silicon wafer through a complex process. ICs power virtually every modern electronic device.

Fan-out and wafer level packaging

Fan-Out packaging is the enhancement of standard wafer-level packaging (such as flip chip technology) where the connections are “fanned-out” of the chip surface, enabling more external I/Os.

Panel level packaging

Panel level packaging (PLP) involves embedding both active (IC) and passive components directly within PCB during its fabrication structure as opposed to mounting components on the finished board.

LTCC – low temp co-fried ceramics

LTCC is a substrate technology providing reliable, high density electrical interconnection for active and passive components on ceramics base. It is widely used in mobile communication technology

About CIMS

CIMS logoCIMS develops, produces and sells Machine Vision Intelligent Inspection Solutions for wide range of applications within the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) industries, Semiconductors industries and digital solutions.

CIMS provides automated optical inspection solutions, automated final/visual inspection solutions, metrology and add-on inspection options, system upgrade solutions as well as technical support and service dedicated to enhancing production processes and yield in Printed Circuit Board (PCB), High Density Interconnect PCB (HDI PCB), Flex and Rigid-flex PCB and IC Substrates.

CIMS addresses specific needs of all segments of PCB (including IC substrates) manufacturing industry with dedicated solutions based on advanced imaging and image processing technologies. CIMS solutions are applied to wide range of applications across those segments at multiple stages of PCB manufacturing process.

CIMS China, formerly known as Camtek Imaging Technology (Suzhou) or CIT, was established in 2005 as a manufacturing arm of Camtek Ltd., the world leading maker of inspection solutions for PCB and Semiconductor industries . Since 2011, the company also served as a PCB Division headquarters of Camtek and has also established a local R&D center around that time.

In October 2017, as a result of Camtek PCB division spin off, CIMS China has become a fully independent company overseeing CIMS global activities.

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