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Customer Support Engineer

1. Responsible for implementation, maintenance and repair of company systems solutions which may include hardware, software and networking products as well as operating systems.

2. Installs and optimizes hardware/software/network products and configurations at customer sites.

3.Diagnoses and resolves product performance problems. Performs maintenance and repair services.

4.Delivers(not design) fully integrated solutions, which may include peripherals, communications, operating systems and applications software.

5.Ensures customer satisfaction by advising customers on preventive maintenance and configurations, which may impact product performance.

6.Collect customer requirements and provide relevant technical information for R&D department.

1. Bachelor or college degree, major in electronics, mechanical or information engineering;

2. Working experience in equipment maintenance, technical support or other related fields is preferred;

3. Good interpersonal skills;

4. Good communication skills – verbal and written;

5. Familiar with AOI is preferred.

  • Job Locations: Suzhou * 1 / Wuxi * 2 / Shenzhen * 1 / Huizhou * 1

Mechanical Engineer

1. Responsible for the design, improvement and modification of machine vision inspection equipment and parts.

2. Responsible for product assembly drawing and parts drawing and updated drawings, 3 d models

3. Responsible for engineering change related work of products and components.

4. Follow up and coordinate the technical issues in machine vision inspection equipment design, production and assembly process, provide technical support in equipment assembly and process validation.

5. Be responsible for client’s improvement plan response and follow up.

1. Bachelor degree, mechanical, material, mechatronics or related majors.

2. Familiar with common materials, sheet metal parts, machined parts, machine tools, machining accuracy, heat treatment, surface treatment, etc., can independently analyze and solve problems.

3. Proficient in drawing mechanical drawings with SolidWorks and CAD; Good command of Office software.

4. Experience in equipment design and spare parts design of clean room is preferred.

5. Good team work spirit and communication skill, responsible for work and good quality awareness.

  • Job Locations: Suzhou * 1

Mechanical Design Engineer


1. Perform mechanical design tasks including structure, simulation, prototype evaluation and product qualification tests.

2. Maintain and improve actual products, Ability to work independently or cooperate with the team for the new designs.

3. Perform needs analysis from external and internal customers, initiate the solutions.

4. Analyze alternative designs and recommend the most effective solution based on deeper understanding of function.

5. Contribute to product cost reduction activities.

6. Provide mechanical support to Supplier, Purchasing team, QA team, Production team.

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in Mechanics.

2. Deep knowledge in SolidWorks hands on for at least 3 years — Must.

3. Knowledge in class 100 clean room system is an advance.

4. Knowledge in SolidWorks, PDM works, AutoCAD.

5. Knowledge of Mechanical and Assembly drawings.

6. Knowledge of Product Structures and ERP systems (SAP…).

7. Fluent in writing and speaking English.

8. Willingness to take over responsibility, cooperation and initiative.

  • Job Locations: Suzhou * 1

Technical Reserve Engineer


1. Technical reserve position.

2. Learn product technical knowledge in the production line for about 3-6 months, and then transfer to engineer according to the demand.

1. Bachelor degree, major in mechanical, electronic information engineering, electrical, automation, etc.

2. CET4 or Above.

  • Job Locations: Suzhou * 2



1. Deal with assemble work according to document (BOM, drawing ,work instruction),

2. Deal with soldering,

3. Refurbishment of seconded machines,

4. Rework per requirement,

5. Processing improvement,

6. Keep working floor clean and neat,

7. Fulfill other relative work assigned from supervisor.

1. Has more than one years` experience in mechanical or electronic field.

2. Relative major form vestibule School.

  • Job Locations: Suzhou * 2

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