AOI systems for laser via inspection with min diameter down to 15 µm.

Phoenix LV series represent the family of models designed to support inspection of blind laser via in high volume manufacturing of advanced HDI or IC Substrates. The systems within this family include the following models:

  • Phoenix LV 15µ for inspection of via holes down to 15 µm in diameter,
  • Phoenix LV 20µ for inspection of via holes down to 20 µm in diameter,
  • Phoenix LV 25µ for inspection of via holes down to 25 µm in diameter,
  • Phoenix LV 30µ for inspection of via holes down to 30 µm in diameter.

The systems’ state of the art optical technology is specifically designed and calibrated to achieve optimal image acquisition of laser drills both before and after plating as well as conformal mask applications. Optimized performance is achieved by combining superior image quality with customizable detection algorithms.

Equipped with the state-of-the-art image acquisition and advanced software capabilities, the Phoenix product family is renown for its exceptional detection achieved with lowest possible false calls rate.

Phoenix LV series systems are powered by Spark™ – an innovative cross-platform detection engine.


  • Linear motors for smooth & silent motion
  • Robust mechanical structure
  • Automated vacuum table
  • High performance image processing firmware
  • Powerful processors to handle large data
  • Fast and intuitive setup for new jobs
  • Compatible with front/back AMHS automation or robot
  • Powerful statistical output


  • +2DM metrology – panel dimensions measurement
  • +2CD metrology – 2D measurement of circuit elements
  • +3DP metrology – 3D profiling of circuit element
  • Powerful statistical package for calculating drill shift and diameter violations
  • CDB/CDBIC – defects classification and virtual defects mapping
  • VVS – virtual verification system

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