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CIMS 2022 Global Supplier Day

In the last two years, CIMS and our supplier partners have been facing many challenges, such as global COVID-19 and chip shortages, which is continuously affecting daily operation and delivery engagement.

How to maintain and improve the competitiveness of the company is an important topic in the development of the enterprise. The competition between modern enterprises is no longer the competition between each other, but the competition between supply chains.

During this special time, we take great honor in inviting our supplier partners to visit CIMS new building and sharing CIMS future plan and strategy, to enhance mutual understanding among each other, to convey our objectives, focus on cohesion and strengthen collaboration.

45 supplier partners with 60 guests joined us in person/online, who are from all over the world — Suzhou China and nearby place, Shenzhen China, the United States, Switzerland, Germany, Singapore and Israel.

There is a lot of wind, waves and reefs on the development road, but we don’t fear these difficulties. We are willing to innovate and cruise to victory together with our partners!


乘风破浪   同心共赢

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