CIMS Capricorn 10x


AVI for IC Substrates with min line/space down to 10 µm.

Capricorn 10Cχ, CIMS latest generation AVI system, equipped with color camera, is designed for final inspection of advanced IC Substrates. It is capable to scan down to 10 µm line/space (2.9 μm optical pixel size) width technology.

Capricorn AVI systems feature dual stage and dual camera and is powered by the most advanced hardware and software offering high-capacity inspection along with greatly enhanced detection capabilities on both metal and solder mask.

Capricorn AVI systems are fully compatible with advanced Industry 4.0 requirements including scanning and handling barcode information, internal and external database connectivity, full compatibility with CIMS virtual verification system specifically designed for AVI inspection (VVS™/AVI) as well as supporting external data protocols for factory-wide smart factory integration.

Capricorn 10Cχ is powered by Spark™ 3.0 – an innovative cross-platform detection engine.


  • Superior detection on both metal and solder mask
  • Detection of defects under solder mask
  • Inspection with multiple resolutions
  • 4 fully automated magazines
  • High performance image processing firmware
  • Powerful processors to handle large data
  • Easy and intuitive setup


  • Integrated automated strip cleaner
  • Barcode reading capability
  • Anti-static ionizer device
  • CDB™/CDBIC™ – defects classification and virtual defects mapping
  • X-WAVE™ ‒ multi-wave illumination
  • VVS™ ‒ virtual verification system
  • SECS/GEM™ connectivity

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