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Customer Support Engineer

1. Responsible for implementation, maintenance and repair of company systems solutions which may include hardware, software and networking products as well as operating systems.

2. Installs and optimizes hardware/software/network products and configurations at customer sites.

3. Diagnoses and resolves product performance problems. Performs maintenance and repair services.

4. Delivers(not design) fully integrated solutions, which may include peripherals, communications, operating systems and applications software.

5. Ensures customer satisfaction by advising customers on preventive maintenance and configurations, which may impact product performance.

6. Collect customer requirements and provide relevant technical information for R&D department.

1. Bachelor or college degree, major in electronics, mechanical or information engineering.

2. Working experience in equipment maintenance, technical support or other related fields is preferred.

3. Good interpersonal skills.

4. Good communication skills – verbal and written.

5. Familiar with AOI is preferred.

  • Job Locations: Shenzhen * 1, Zhuhai * 1

Application Engineer


1. Responsibility for evaluations, development document writing and strategic installations.

2. Solving immediate technical problems at strategic sites and progress updates to internal/customer in time.

3. Communicating issues to R&D, tech. experts and sales.

4. Assisting to sales in sales process.

5. Other responsibilities as assigned by the superior and progress update in time.

1. Mechanical, Electrical or Software engineer.Bachelor’s degree or above.

2. Experience with industrial systems.

3. Background in service.

4. Communicative and positive attitude.

5. Good oral and written English.

  • Job Locations: Wuxi * 1

MES Engineer


1. Complete development and testing of new software features and deliver them on time according to the project requirements description.

2. Writing technical documentation for software design, development, testing, etc.

3. Assist other departments to complete demonstration, implementation and acceptance of new products.

4. Bugs & improvement requirements collection and follow-up.

6. Be able to independently handle other related work allocated by the superior.

1. Bachelor degree or above,major in software engineering,data analysis or computer related.

2. At least 2 years industrial big data, data warehouse and BI development experience, such as:
ETL development/report development /BI related development experience.

3. Microsoft SQL Server/Power BI/SSIS/SSRS/SSAS and other BI related products use experience.

4. Proficient in SQL, C# and other programming languages, with good data analysis ability.

5. Initiative, good ability to think independently, analyze and solve problems.

6.Good oral,listening and writing skills in English.

7.Travel is needed.

  • Job Locations: Suzhou * 1

Purchasing Engineer


1. Responsible for the development of mechanical parts suppliers, business negotiation and cost control.

2. Responsible for the price analysis and market information collection and understand the basic manufacturing process of the ordered materials.

3. Familiar with supplier daily management process and supplier performance management system.

4. Daily order maintenance, follow-up management, assist in handling supplier quality problems, and ensure the timely arrival of materials.

1. Bachelor’s degree or above major in engineering.

2. At least 3 years purchasing experience or above in similar industrial.

3. Be familiar with the sheet metal parts, machining parts, cable, PCBA and so on.

4. Be familiar with the office software and SAP system.

5. Good oral and written English.

  • Job Locations: Suzhou * 1

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