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CIMS AIVS – The Ultimate Virtual Verification Solution

How would you like to be able to conduct verification of AOI detected defects at the fraction of time that it normally takes using standalone verification stations? Experience a revolutionary leap in AOI defect verification with AIVS, the cutting-edge CIMS virtual verification solution.

AIVS harnesses advanced AI image enhancement technology, transforming AOI-captured images into high-resolution, vivid color representations of defects. The unparalleled image quality simplifies defect identification, allowing even minimally trained operators to distinguish genuine issues from false calls.

Operating offline—hence the term “virtual”—AIVS facilitates efficient verification. Images can be seamlessly grouped and displayed in a matrix for accelerated review, marking a significant advancement in the CIMS VVS system.

Key Benefits of AIVS:
• Cost Savings: Reduce capital expenditure and manpower with fewer required verification stations.
• Compact Footprint: Streamline the entire AOI + Verification process for a smaller footprint.
• Enhanced Efficiency: Boost process efficiency and expedite the AOI cycle.
• Improved Yield: Minimize human errors during verification, leading to higher yield.

AIVS marks the evolution of the CIMS VVS system, representing a new pinnacle in intelligent and streamlined AOI processes. At CIMS, we are fully committed to drive and lead this progressive trend forward.

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