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Galaxy X series – CIMS next generation of high resolution AOI for IC Substrates and HDI

Galaxy χ series AOI systems represents the next generation ultra-high resolution technology that is capable to scan line width of down to 4 µm. Galaxy χ series systems incorporate the most advanced innovation in optics, image acquisition and processing, mechanical and hardware design as well as software and algorithmics. These systems are designed for inspection of the most advanced IC Substrates and High Density Interconnect (HDI) that can be produced today.

Galaxy χ series AOI also introduce the latest generation of CIMS detection engine – Spark 3.0 which includes a number of algorithmic enhancements coupled with CIMS latest advanced image processing technology. It runs on the in-house designed electronic hardware platform collectively known as Micro+ technology. Galaxy χ new high-end models also feature LiveFocus™, CIMS innovative real-time focus solution that greatly improved image quality at high resolution.

Moreover, CIMS unique and greatly improved 2D and 3D metrology options further enhance inspection capabilities of Galaxy χ series by providing additional layer of advanced quality inspection for increasingly sophisticated IC Substrate products.

In addition to its groundbreaking 4 µm line scanning capabilities, AOI systems of Galaxy χ series are designed to detect all types of critical defects, both 2D and 3D, on the most advanced IC substrates while keeping low false calls rate and at increased throughput.

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Galaxy χ series

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