AOI systems for through laser via inspection with min diameter down to 20 µm.

Galaxy VIA series represent the family of models designed to support inspection of through laser via in high volume manufacturing of advanced HDI or IC Substrates. The systems within this family include the following models:

  • Galaxy VIA 20µ for inspection of via holes down to 20 µm in diameter
  • Galaxy VIA 25µ for inspection of via holes down to 25 µm in diameter
  • Galaxy VIA 30µ for inspection of via holes down to 30 µm in diameter

The systems’ illumination is powered by unique ViaLight™ technology providing transmissive light source built-in within the scanning table. The optional Microlight™ illumination provides simultaneous light coverage from the top ensuring the most accurate and complete acquisition of external and internal shape of a through via hole.

The systems within Galaxy VIA series are capable of inspecting through laser via drills as small as 20 microns in diameter, detect undersize and oversize defects, contamination and debris inside, plugged or missing holes as well as drill shifts beyond allowable tolerance.

Powerful statistical packages further extend capabilities of Galaxy VIA series providing real time process control used for laser drill tool calibration.


  • Linear motors for smooth & silent motion
  • Built on compact Galaxy platform
  • Table built-in LED illumination with ViaLight™ technology
  • High performance image processing firmware
  • Powerful processors to handle large data
  • Fast and intuitive setup for new jobs
  • Powerful statistical output


  • Top Microlight™ illumination block
  • Powerful statistical package for calculating drill shift and diameter violations
  • CDB/CDBIC – defects classification and virtual defects mapping
  • VVS – virtual verification system

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