AOI system for plugged via holes (PVH) inspection with min diameter down to 75 µm.

Galaxy PVH is designed to inspect plugged via holes that are typically filled with resin in high volume manufacturing of MLB and HDI PCB.

The process of plugging drills typically involves resin or other materials and is done on mechanical drills as well as laser via. CIMS PVH option extends AOI capabilities to inspecting both types of drills delivering reliable detection of all defects within such drills. The system is designed to inspect both filled through holes as well filled laser via holes on the same panel.

The system’s state of the art optical technology Microlight™ provides optimal light coverage in order to be able to meet the most rigorous detection requirements. Optimized performance is achieved by combining superior image quality with customizable detection algorithms.

Galaxy PVH is the perfect solution for customers who are looking for reliable and accurate tool to control the depth of resin within each drill with sufficiently fast throughput to match high volume production.

Powerful statistical packages further extend capabilities of Galaxy PVH series providing real time process control used for laser drill tool calibration.


  • Excellent detection of defects on resin inside drills
  • Linear motors for smooth & silent motion
  • Built on compact Galaxy platform
  • High performance image processing firmware
  • Powerful processors to handle large data
  • Fast and intuitive setup for new jobs
  • Powerful statistical output


  • Powerful statistical package for calculating drill shift and diameter violations
  • CDB/CDBIC – defects classification and virtual defects mapping
  • VVS – virtual verification system

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