Smart factory solutions

Smart factory solutions

Data management for smart factory


Defects classification and scrapped units mapping



CDB and CDBIC are data management systems integrated with CIMS equipment. They are designed for quality and process control of the entire PCB inspection production cycle while also serving as real time defects classification system. CDBIC adds another layer of control by tracing individual defective units across multiple layers and processes. It also integrates AVI data into the data management process combining it with the inputs from AOI.

Virtual Verification


VVS: Virtual Verification System

VVS consists of a server that pulls the images of defects from every CIMS AOI and then sends them to VVS stations for sorting and filtering. In VVS stations, those images are shown to operators who then quickly remove non-critical and non-functional calls while passing only images that are most likely to represent true defects directly to CIMS Verification & Repair stations (CVR). As a result, subsequent visual verification of actual panels with CIMS CVR focuses mostly on marking and repairing of the real defects rather than skipping over non-critical and non-functional defects.

Live Quality Control


CQC: CIMS Quality Center

CQC, which stands for CIMS Quality Center, is the live quality monitoring tool that allows users to have an up-to-the-minute view of ongoing quality-related issues based on data generated by AOI in real time. CQC is a software that runs on a stand alone standard computer that must be linked to CDBIC server in order to retrieve data from AOI and CVR systems. The display options are very flexible in order to accommodate various types of users and preferences. Different views and preferences can be easily configured per user with practically unlimited customization options making CQC an invaluable tool for every level of PCB manufacturing operation.

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