CDB and CDBIC are data management systems integrated with CIMS equipment. They are designed for quality and process control of the entire PCB inspection production cycle while also serving as real time defects classification system.

CDB brings together four critical elements of the AOI process:

  • Efficient Quality Control
  • Real Time Process Control
  • Monitoring Efficiency over Time
  • Flexible Reporting System

CDBIC adds another layer of control by tracing individual defective units across multiple layers and processes. It also integrates AVI data into the data management process combining it with the inputs from AOI.


  • Integration with CIMS AOI and AVI systems
  • Defects classification in real time
  • Monitoring individual jobs on quality performance
  • Identifying quality problems as they occur
  • Virtual defects and scrapped units mapping (CDBIC)
  • Live AOI and CVR status monitoring


  • Integration of AVI data (datamation)
  • Multiple report output options
  • Integration with VVS – virtual verification system
  • Integration with external ERP system

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