2D metrology is CIMS technology for accurate measurements taken on the surface of a PCB. 2D metrology options are integrated with CIMS AOI systems becoming a part of inspection cycle, eliminating the need for a separate process.

CIMS offers two types of 2D metrology:

+2CD: real time micro-measurements of individual PCB elements, such as traces or pads, with up to ±3~5 microns accuracy (subject to surface condition). The measurements can be taken manually or automatically in pre-defined locations such as coupons or individual circuit elements.

+2DM: AOI integrated macro-measurements of an entire panel in order to determine any dimensions violation. This option is used to automatically calculate stretch factor by measuring distances between targets in each corner of a panel. The measurement can be taken manually or automatically after each scan.


  • Integration with CIMS AOI systems
  • Eliminates external measurement process
  • Fast and reliable
  • Provides immediate feedback and live alerts
  • Data collection and output option
  • Pre-programmed offline
  • Automatic measurements of line’s top and bottom width


  • Each 2D option are supplied separate or as a bundle
  • Can be bundled with 3D measurement capabilities
  • CDB/CDBIC connectivity – defects classification and virtual defects mapping
  • Data output options

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