Fi (Final Inspection) option allows inspecting of finished boards with CIMS AOI. It is supplied as an add-on option suitable for all CIMS Phoenix family AOI models extending their capabilities to final inspection.

Fi can reliably detect common defects on gold, copper and solder mask. The setup is easy and intuitive: operator chooses proper solder and silk layers, then the software takes care of combining them and generating high resolution reference which will be compared to the scanned image. Systems equipped with Fi option feature a dedicated final inspection interface for parameters setup.

Fi option adds a new level of versatility to Phoenix AOI systems enhancing their inspection capabilities to more applications and PCB manufacturing process stages.


  • Integration with CIMS AOI systems
  • Combines final inspection with regular inspection
  • Supports both sampling and 100% inspection
  • Dedicated user interface for final inspection
  • Easy and intuitive setup


  • +2DM metrology – panel dimensions measurement
  • +2CD metrology – 2D measurement of circuit elements
  • +3DH metrology – 3D measurements of circuit element’s height
  • CDB/CDBIC connectivity – defects classification and virtual defects mapping
  • VVS connectivity – virtual verification system

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