Special Applications

Inspection solutions for special applications

Special Applications

Laser Via Inspection

CIMS Laser Via Inspection

Phoenix LV

Phoenix LV is designed to support inspection of laser via in high volume manufacturing of HDI or IC Substrates. It is capable to scan via holes down to 30 µm in diameter.

Mechanical Drill Inspection

CIMS mechanical drill inspection

Phoenix MDI

Phoenix MDI is designed for inspection of mechanical (through) drills and slots on HDI and multi-layer PCB. It is capable to scan mechanical drills down to 150 µm in diameter.

Touch Screen Inspection

CIMS touch screen inspection

Phoenix Touch

Phoenix Touch is designed for inspection of conductors on touch screen panels. It is capable to scan down to 25 µm line/space width technology.

Large Panel Inspection

CIMS large panel inspection

Phoenix LT

Phoenix LT is designed for inspection of large panel of up to 36″ x 42″ (914 mm x 1,067 mm). It is capable to scan down to 40 µm line/space width technology.

Ultra high-res glass mask inspection

CIMS Phoenix PT

Phoenix PT/Micro

Phoenix PT/Micro, CIMS photo-tools AOI system, is designed to inspect high-resolution film artworks and glass masks. It is capable to scan down to 7 µm line/space width technology.

IC Substrates Panel Inspection

CIMS Phoenix Fi

Phoenix Fi

Phoenix Fi is designed to support final inspection of IC Substrates and ultra fine line HDI. It is capable to scan down to 10 µm line/space width technology.

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